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Learn How To Manifest With The Moon

Moon & Manifesting

The Moon is a powerful resource that you can tap into to help you manifest wealth, freedom, and anything you desire.

  • Have You Always Been Drawn to the Moon?

    Calling all earth and moon goddesses! Most of us feel a connection towards the Moon. 

  • Do You Notice A Shift In Energy During the New and Full Moons?

    Its hard to deny when there is a Full Moon. We may feel extra emotional, tired, or anxious. Learn how to harness these emotions and use to your advantage. 

  • Have You Been Curious About The Law of Attraction?

    Hearing about LOA and Manifesting?

    Not sure where to start or if you can really attract what you want in life?

    The answer is YES and this course will guide through the process of MANIFESTING.

manifest with the moon

You Are Drawn To The Moon For A Reason

The moon represents our feminine energy.

We can look to the moon to help guide our creativity and emotions.


Tapping into the abundance of Moon Power and being in sync with her cycles allows us to unearth our moon goddess that many of us suppress on a daily basis.


We are nurturers, lovers, strong, and driven creatures. The moon allows us to access these qualities on a deep soulful level.


Program Your Mind

Moon Cycles + Subconcious Mind + Manifestation Techniques

In this course, you will learn detailed information on the 4 major lunar cycles and how to use them in sync with different manifestation techniques.

You will do some major work on your belief systems so that you clear and ready to manifest some major abundance into your life!



  • Learn How the Subconscious Mind Works

    We get deep into how your mind functions and how this affects attracting what you want in life.

  • Unearth Limiting Beliefs That Are Holding You Back

    We will uncover your thought patterns that are blocking success,freedom, and wealth. 

  • Reprogram Your Mind

    Reprogramming your brain to attract abundance. The mindset work is the MOST important when it comes to manifesting. 

    You will learn step by step instructions on how to do this!

  • Utilize Proven Manifestation Techniques

    You will learn specific manifestation techniques and goal setting exercises to bring your desires to fruition.

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As the Moon Moves from New to Full and back to New each month she goes through 8 different phases.

I'll show you how to utilize each of the four major phases of the moon to create and execute a strong manifestation process.

  • New Moon

    You plant seeds and set intentions for the upcoming moon cycle. We will learn visualization and goal settings techniques that have allowed me to manifest each moon cycle over and over again.

  • Waxing Moon

    We will do limiting belief work and learn intuitive techniques to check if your subconscious mind is capable of bring your desires to life. 

  • Full Moon

    You will activate yourself into receiving mode allowing you to bring in the abundance you are manifesting. 

  • Waning Moon

    You will review what you have attracted and what may have shifted in importance for you.

    You will do some deep release work here to prepare you for next moon cycle. 

what is included
  • Evergreen Content

    You can use the tools & techniques provided every month during each moon cycle.

  • Four Modules on Each Moon Phase

    Each Module will take you through the specifics of each Moon Phase and the techniques used for each phase to MANIFEST <3.

    Access will be emailed to you on the day before each phase of the moon.

  • All Future Updates & Bonuses Added to the Course

    You will have continuous access to the course and will receive all updates and bonuses as they come out for future enrollments. 

    This is big! We have a couple more extremely powerful Moon Cycles coming up before the end of the year and you will want to come back to this course for updates!

    The price starting next round will increase to at least ($237) so act now for this special enrollment price. 

  • Intensive Workbook

    These workbooks are delivered with each Module and will help guide you through reprogramming your subconscious mind to help identify and eliminate any limiting beliefs you may have about manifesting your goals. 

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